The Church in the Market Place
Here's what we stand for...
Mark of Mission #1: Telling the Gospel
Mark of Mission #2: Teaching the faith
Mark of Mission #3: Tending to those in need
Mark of Mission #4: Transforming the unjust structures of society
Mark of Mission #5: Treasuring God's creation
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Every 5 years, the church building has a full structural survey by a qualified Architect - what is known as a Quinquennial Survey.

This results in a very long and detailed Report. This Report includes Recommendations for fabric work and repairs that need to be undertaken in the following 5 years.

Our latest Quinquennial Survey was undertaken in the Autumn of 2020. A list of the Recommendations can be read here. This will be updated on a regular basis; the works completed to be shown in purple, the works still to be undertaken shown in black.