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Mark of Mission #1: Telling the Gospel
Mark of Mission #2: Teaching the faith
Mark of Mission #3: Tending to those in need
Mark of Mission #4: Transforming the unjust structures of society
Mark of Mission #5: Treasuring God's creation
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Every five years, a Church has a Quinquennial Survey. This is a root and branch Architectural Survey of all buildings and grounds related to that Church. As a result of the Quinquennial Survey, a comprehensive Report is written, listing all the Fabric Works that need to addressed over the coming 5 years. Each of these Works is categorised: Category 1 indicates a Work that must be carried out as a matter of urgency. Category 5 - the lowest - indicates Work that is a matter of routine maintenance. Categories 2, 3, & 4 are scaled according to urgency.

The PCC of the local Church is responsible for undertaking the Works - and also to find funding for this. The ability to fund Works is one of the main determing factors dictating how quickly they are undertaken.

St. Andrew's is a Grade II* Listed building - which adds a layer of complexity and expense to the process of addressing all the Quinquennial Recommendations. It is likely that all the 2015 Recommendations, alongside the other major fabric work that needs to be undertaken, would cost in the region of £7,000,000 to £10,000,000 to complete. Clearly, St. Andrew's does not have that sort of money - so we will are constantly engaged in fundraising efforts to meet the fabric requirements over the coming years...

The Quinquennial Report is very long and detailed. For ease of reference, the Recommendations have been extracted and can be viewed and downloaded here. All outstanding works are in colour. Once work has been completed, the font colour will go black. This list of Recommendations will be updated on the website at fairly regular intervals so that you are able to track the progress that is being made prior to our next Quinquennial Inspection in 2020.

View or download the Quinquennial Recommendations here.