The Church in the Market Place
Here's what we stand for...
Mark of Mission #1: Telling the Gospel
Mark of Mission #2: Teaching the faith
Mark of Mission #3: Tending to those in need
Mark of Mission #4: Transforming the unjust structures of society
Mark of Mission #5: Treasuring God's creation
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For those who may be hard of hearing - or those who like to follow a script as they listen - here are transcripts of our podcasts, listed in alphabetical order of title:


Christmas and community transformation

Coping with depression and burnout

Finding a happiness that lasts

Finding meaning in life

How to be effective in mission 1

How to develop as a disciple 1

How to live a wise life

How to live compassionately

How to pray when you are angry

How to resolve conflict

Learning to love ourselves

New wine needs new wineskins

The Holy Spirit and you

The world needs kindness